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Emergency & Exit Lighting

Exit and emergency lighting is a necessary component of your life safety plan in your facility. Primary importance should be placed on purchasing signs that comply with your local building code requirements. All our lighting technology is UL listed.

Hawkeye Fire & Safety emergency lighting technicians test and maintain exit and emergency lighting. We can replace or repair any light bulb, battery, exit light glass and non-functioning signs. An annual test can be conducted by our technicians with our equipment to insure it’s reliability.

NFPA Standard 101-31-1.3.7 States:

“A functional test shall be conducted on every required emergency lighting system at 30 day intervals for a minimum of 30 seconds. An annual test shall be conducted for the 1 1/2 hour duration. Equipment shall be fully operational for the duration of the test. Written records of visual inspections and tests shall be kept by the owner for inspection by the authority having jurisdiction.”

Our service technicians can do this routine test yearly when they inspect your other fire protection equipment or fire extinguishers. All work is within NFPA Standards.

Exit Light, Emergeny Light
Exit Light, Emergency Light

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