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Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

Restaurant or kitchen fires have always been some of the most dangerous because a fire can begin on a cooking appliance, or in a hood, or ductwork and quickly spread to involve the entire building. Statistics show that many restaurants never re-open after a fire. New enhanced performance cooking oils and increasingly efficient appliances, which operate at higher temperatures, have created an even greater fire hazard in today’s kitchens, so restaurant suppression systems are becoming increasingly important.

Hawkeye Fire will design and install a restaurant fire suppression system that meets the requirements of the UL300 code and NFPA #17A.

To maintain its UL300 listing and current code requirements, your automatic fire suppression system must be inspected on a semi-annual basis by a certified technician.

Restaurant System, Kitchen System, Ansul System
Restaurant System, Kitchen System, Ansul System

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