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Respiratory Protection

Make the right decisions about respiratory protection, because the wrong respiratory equipment could leave you gasping for air. Hawkeye Fire & Safety provides high quality respiratory masks, supplied air tanks and blowers, and SCBA and SCUBA tanks.

Respiratory Products and Services Include:

  • Respiratory Protection Supplied Air and Blowers

  • Respiratory Protection – Disposable and Reusable Respiratory Masks


Supply Healthier Air in Hazardous Environments

Decisions need to be made on what types of respiratory protection will lower the workers’ exposures to hazardous airborne contaminants. For guidance on required respiratory protection, refer to OSHA29CFR1910.134, or talk to one of our certified staff members to help make your decisions.

Any person that has identifiable hazards must do the following:

  1. Do an exposure assessment of the respiratory hazards and the contaminant’s chemical state and concentration.

  2. A written program is required for mandatory use of respiratory protection with implementation and work-site specific procedures.

  3. The selection of airborne contaminants is determined by the exposure limit and the assigned protection time factor.

  4. Medical examination of the worker is mandatory for all users.

  5. Fit testing is required for all mandatory users, initially and annually thereafter.

  6. Training is required for all users; documented and annually or more if necessary.

  7. For more guidance on required respiratory protection, refer to OHSA 29CFR 1910.134.

Respiratory Protection, Mask, Safety Supplies
Respiratory Protection, Mask, Safety Supplies
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