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Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Fire hazards are inherent to heavy mobile equipment. Hot surface temperatures generated by turbochargers are prime ignition points for combustible and flammable materials. Increased use of hydraulics that use large volumes of highly flammable oils and electrical shorts are potential fire hazards. Protecting your mobile and stationary equipment from fire is our business. We give you direct access to technical assistance and design fire systems to meet your specific needs.

Our systems help to suppress fires before they cause harm to operators, extensive damage to equipment, and ultimately revenue loss. We offer Dry-Chemical, Wet Agent, and Dual Agent systems that are designed to tackle a wide array of fire risks in any environment. Various configurations are available in order to accommodate any piece of equipment, from skid steer loaders all the way up to massive hydraulic shovels.

Key system designs:

  • Circuit monitor panel insures the system is functioning properly.

  • Automatic detection and actuation components insure a rapid knockdown and save valuable time.

  • Side cartridge technology can be easily serviced and recharged in the field with common hand tools.

  • Rugged design for durability in harsh conditions.

  • Nontoxic chemical agent effective against class A:B:C fires.


  • Mining

  • Landfill

  • Forestry

  • Steel & Slag

  • Wood Products

  • Mass Transit

  • Special Applications

Vehicle System
Vehicle System

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