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Signs and Facility Identification

Does your facility comply with current signage regulations? The location of signs for hazardous substances, fire extinguishers and evacuation/exits are just a few of the areas that must be clearly marked in any facility to ensure your employees safety. Hawkeye Fire & Safety provides a full line of safety signs and facility identification signage.

Check Out the Signage Options 

We have full catalogs of signs, labels, and tags that meet various regulations and standards. We offer a wide variety of standard legends and we can customize any sign or label to meet your special requirements.

Get Compliant with the Global Harmonizing System

Is your business compliant with the new Global Harmonizing System? As of Dec. 1, 2013, your staff must be trained on this new international system of system of identification. Your facility must also meet the new standards of chemical labeling as well as the new safety data sheets. 

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