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Protective Apparel & Ergonomics

Whether your employees are working with food, out in weather conditions, or need special equipment to protect their knees and hands, Hawkeye Fire & Safety has what you need.

Keep the Hazardous Materials Off Skin with Chemical Resistant Clothing

Workers who deal with hazardous materials need protective apparel that is comfortable and durable. Hawkeye Fire and Safety stocks disposable protective apparel and clothing, chemical resistant clothing and accessories.

Items include:

  • Disposable Apparel

  • Rain Gear

  • Chemical Resistant Outerwear

  • Chemical Resistant Apparel

  • Bouffants/Hairnets/Beard Restraints

  • Synthetic Aprons and Sleeves

  • High Visibility Rainwear, Vests, Workwear

  • Leather, FR, High Heat Apparel

  • Knee Pads, Back Supports, Ergonomic Supports

From rain gear and chemical resistant apparel to hairnets and knee pads, we can provide all the high quality apparel you need. 

Protective Apparel, Safety Supplies
Protective Apparel, Safety Supplies
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