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High Visibility Apparel

High-Visibility apparel comes in a wide variety of styles: jacket, vests, pants, shorts, sweatshirts, shirts and rain apparel. By wearing these garments, workers can draw attention to themselves to prevent injuries and fatalities from struck-by hazards in the work environment, such as roads and highways.

There are three classes of standard ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 for the high visibility apparel and headwear. These are determined based on material/reflective material on the apparel.

Class I: Activities that provide ample separation of the worker from vehicle traffic not exceeding 25 mph.

Class II: Where greater visibility is desired due to close proximity to vehicle traffic, inclement weather conditions, and complex backgrounds are present.

Class III: When workers are exposed to significantly higher vehicle speeds, reduced sight distances or poorly lit work environments. Wearers must be conspicuous through a full range of body motions at a minimum of 1280 feet.

Background fabric: 1240 sq. inch; Reflective material: 310 sq. inch.

High Visbility Apparel, Hi-Viz
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