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Ansul Foam Products & Hardware

Choice Fire Suppression for Flammable Liquids

Fighting fire doesn't stop with suppressing flames. Combustible vapors and nearby heat sources pose other dangers to be combated and controlled. ANSUL ® Class B Foam Agents are the ideal fire suppression choice for fires involving flammable and combustible liquids. They suppress fire by separating the liquid fuel from the air it needs to burn; prevent vapor release; and provide a cooling effect on contact. Foam agent options include AFFF, AR-AFFF and Flueroprotein.

Ansul Foam

Respond Fast at the Front-line

Be prepared to act fast during those critical first two minutes to a fire when responding quickly can mean saving lives and property. Portable equipment, like the ANSUL ® Mobilcart, enables firefighters to take advantage of the benefits of foam at the front-line using eductors, trailers, handheld nozzles, mobile carts, generators and other portable proportioning/discharge equipment. 

Mobility Increases Firefighting Capabilities

Increase the firefighting capabilities of your industrial, municipal and military fire departments with ANSUL ® Foam Trailers. Trailers are easily moved to sites of flammable liquid hazards such as refineries, chemical processing plants, marine terminals and truck unloading facilities. Trailer options include tote, dual tote and proportioning. 

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