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First Aid Restocking Program

Hawkeye First Aid & Safety, a division of Hawkeye Fire & Safety has a full service first aid restocking program. Our technicians are non-commissioned service oriented trained experts. Our delivery van is equipped to provide you with products needed on the spot.

The OSHA standard 1910.151 (b) states that employers must have “adequate first aid supplies… readily available”,  and although OSHA does not have a minimum requirement, it does reference ANSI Z308.1-2003 Minimum Requirements for Workplace First Aid Kits. We will provide your employees with the basic requirements per ANSI and can “custom” your kits with items that deal with the hazards found in your particular workplace environment.

We have a wide variety  of kits, cabinets, bandages, dressings, ointments, burn care and over the counter pharmaceuticals. Our full service includes stocking throughout your facility, leaving you to run your business. We offer vendor managed inventory with our quality products. Our kits are stocked for businesses such as industrial plants, construction, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, auto dealers and many others. We can set up service on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis or whatever the company deems necessary.

We also stock in our warehouse many PPE items that we can also carry throughout you facility and stock as well. In addition to the safety and first aid stock, we can inspect your eye wash stations and AED batteries as we move through your business. There is no service fee, stop charge, only the cost of the product.

First Aid, Safety Supplies
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