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Hydrostatic Testing

Hawkeye Fire & Safety is a D.O.T. Certified Hydro-test Facility

We can hydro-test low and high pressure cylinders with our hydrostatic testing equipment.

OSHA 1910.57(e)(4) states: “the employer shall assure that all stored pressure dry chemical fire extinguishers that require 12 year hydrostatic tests are emptied and subjected to applicable maintenance procedures…”

Periodic tests are mandated by NFPA and Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) requiring specialized test equipment to ensure the integrity of a cylinder at its listed operation pressure. Extinguishers are hydro-tested at intervals bases on NFPA 10 and high pressure cylinders are to be tested according to D.O.T. specs.

We can provide hydro-testing on the following equipment:

  • Hand Portable Fire Extinguishers

  • Clean Agent Cylinders

  • Fire Suppression Systems Tanks

  • SCBA Tanks

  • SCUBA Tanks

  • Oxygen Cylinders

  • High Pressure Cylinders

Hydro Test, Hydrostatic Testing

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