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Spill Control Absorbents

Your garage or shop floor can be clean, safe and odor-free again! Hawkeye Fire & Safety carries and environmentally safe spill control absorbent called Sphag Sorb! We are one of the first distributors of this super absorbent organic compound, which is used to clean up oil, gas, solvents, paints and organic chemical spills.

Don't Seep Toxins into the Environment

You hate to see toxic chemicals be absorbed into the ground, and now you don’t have to because Sphag Sorb encasulates the spilled product, does not leach out, and it is EPA approved for landfills.
The natural organic absorbent can absorb on land, any hard surface or in water. It does not absorb water, only hydrocarbons, leaving no messy residue. Sphag Sorb is easy to clean up with a broom or a shovel, and can be incinerated. It is the answer to safe, effective clean-up in our era of environmental sensitivity and increasingly stringent spill regulations.

Spill-X, Spill Control, Ansul
Sphag Sorb, Spill Control

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