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Summer Safety 101: Safety Precautions and First-Aid Prep

Summertime, for many people, is one of the best times of the year. It’s a time that allows you to enjoy the great outdoors with your friends and family, whether that consists of swimming, hiking, bike-riding or heading to the playground.

Although summer is a celebrated season, it’s important to remember the proper safety precautions when you’re out and about on your summer excursions to keep your summer siesta from becoming a safety hazard.

So, what are some of the biggest summer safety concerns?


Excessive heat exposure is a real thing. Your body is constantly trying to disperse the heat that it produces and when it can’t do that your body panics, which can lead to heat exhaustion, heat cramps and eventually heatstroke.

The symptoms of these types of heat illnesses can be mild to severe. Some include: muscle spasms, dizziness, rapid pulse, fatigue nausea, vomiting, seizures or even death.

Ways to prevent heat illnesses include:

  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Wearing sunscreen
  • Pacing yourself
  • Monitoring your time outdoors and taking indoor breaks to cool down
  • Or simply not going outdoors if it’s too hot


Bugs are another big summer safety concern. Although it’s perfectly normal to get a mosquito bite here and there, you still need to be cognizant of the dangers that come with mosquito bites and do your best to prevent being bitten to avoid the spread of viruses such as West Nile and Zika.

Ways to prevent being bitten include:

  • Use Environmental Protection Agency-registered insect repellant with DEET
  • Wear long-sleeve shirts and long pants when you’re able to
  • Regularly empty flowerpots, birdbaths or your pet’s water bowls and clean them if you can. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water.
  • Avoid leaving doors or windows propped open unless they have protective screens


Everyone enjoys cooling off with a cool dip in the pool or in a lake. But it’s important to be sure you and your family are taking all of the proper safety precautions if you do so. In fact, almost 90 children under the age of 15 have drowned in a pool or lake from January to May of 2018.

The most effective ways to prevent any safety emergencies while swimming are:

  • Get CPR Certified
  • If you’re on a river or a lake always bring life jackets
  • Don’t let children play around suction fittings or drains
  • Never leave your child unattended
  • If a child is missing, always check the water first

Bicycling/Walking Outdoors

Bicyclists share the road with vehicles, which can lead to serious safety concerns. Even when riding on a designated bike path, the risk of injury is still there. In fact, in 2015, bicycles were associated with more injuries over all age groups than skateboards, trampolines, swimming pools and playground equipment combined.

With that being said it’s important to take all the proper safety precautions when you and your family are out riding your bicycles.

Some safety measures to take include:

  • Always wear a bicycle helmet
  • If you’re riding with children, it never hurts to have them wear knee or elbow pads too
  • Ride your bike with the direction of traffic, in a single-file line
  • If riding at night, wear bright-colored, reflective clothing and have safety reflectors and a blinking light on your bike
  • Use hand signals when turning

First-Aid Prep

In addition to all of these summer safety measures, you should always have a first-aid kit on hand and be sure that it has all of the proper materials inside for any sort of safety concern.

Here are a few suggestions on where to keep a first-aid kit when you’re on-the-go:

  • Keep a first-aid kit in all of your cars’ trunks
  • Keep a first-aid kit in a purse, backpack or a fanny pack if you’re going to a playground, pool or on a hike.
  • If you’re going on a trip with your baby, keep one in the bottom of the stroller or in the diaper bag

In addition to having a first-aid kit nearby, it’s important you have all of the essentials included in your kit as well, such as latex gloves, hand sanitizer, band aids, scissors, gauze, and more!

When it comes to first aid, Hawkeye Fire and safety has you covered. If you want to ensure your summer is a safe one, contact us today for more information on all of the first aid kits and supplies we have available!