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Sphag Sorb: Spill Control Absorbent for Oil, Gas and Paint

If you’re changing the oil in your car and there’s a small spill that needs cleaned up, then kitty litter might be good enough to get the job done. But if you’re working with hazardous material or worried about environmental impact, then you’ll need something better to clean up the mess.

Sphag Sorb is a spill control absorbent that can be used to clean up almost any type of liquid and, since it’s an organic compound, disposal is easy, too. It’s an all-natural solution for both personal and industrial clean ups – from garages to gas stations, machine shops to parking lots. Plus, it’s so effective that it provides great value, even compared to the cost of kitty litter.

(Yes, it’s Sphag Sorb, not Spag Sorb!)


What is Sphag Sorb?

Sphag Sorb is an organic compound that’s created from sphagnum moss found in bogs. The peat fibers from that moss are separated from the rest of the material and activated into a product with an incredible ability to absorb liquids because peat is a highly-porous organic material that’s also capable of covering large surface areas.

Sphag Sorb is a versatile absorbent that can be used to clean up almost every type of liquid, on land and water surfaces, in all phases of spill clean ups. From initial response through removal, Sphag Sorb can be used to clean up oil, solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and all other organic chemicals.


Is Sphag Sorb Environmentally Friendly?

Sphag Sorb is extraordinary because it achieves the highest level of absorption while generating the least amount of waste. The sphagnum moss that’s used to create Sphag Sorb has traditionally been used by gardeners to fortify soil, so Sphag Sorb is environmentally friendly, renewable and noncarcinogenic. It’s an organic compound that’s non-toxic, non-leaching and totally safe to use, which also makes disposal a breeze.


How Much Does Sphag Sorb Cost?

When you hear that Sphag Sorb is a miracle product for spill control and that it’s environmentally friendly, you might be worried that it’s going to be expensive. But Sphag Sorb is actually more economical than traditional absorbents. Because Sphag Sorb absorbs four times its weight and generates lower volumes of waste. That means less absorbent is required, the lower weight saves shipping cost and the lower volume reduces the cost of disposal.

If you’re looking for spill control absorbents, fire extinguishers or other safety supplies, contact Hawkeye Fire & Safety in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. Hawkeye Fire & Safety delivers spill control absorbents or you can always pick up Sphag Sorb at our Cedar Rapids and Iowa City locations.