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OSHA Fire Safety Training and Fire Extinguisher Requirements

It doesn’t take much to start a fire, even at a quiet office. Maybe someone is heating up food in the kitchen during lunch and the microwave catches fire. Incidents like this will always be scary, but they won’t become a threat to workplace safety if employees are trained properly.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) fire safety training teaches employees how to react in this situations like this one, and many others, so that a controllable fire doesn’t become uncontrollable. If something more serious does occur, then everyone will know where to go, so that nobody gets hurt.


The Importance of Fire Safety Training

Proper fire safety training helps you eliminate fire hazards in the workplace and teaches employees how to respond if a fire breaks out. Without the proper training, a small fire during the lunch hour can cause a lot of damage – or worse. Basically, fire safety training helps to protect your business and your employees. Plus, it’s the law! Training should cover everything from the prevention of fires to establishing procedures ahead of time to the correct actions to take in the event of a fire.


OSHA Fire Extinguisher Training

OSHA fire safety requirements include fire extinguisher training for employees, so that they know how to use portable fire extinguishers properly. When it comes to fire extinguisher training, a pamphlet isn’t good enough. Laser-driven fire extinguisher training is the most efficient way to properly train employees. It’s safe, clean and can be conducted anywhere, so that employees learn how to extinguish fires in the same place that they might have to extinguish a fire someday.

OSHA fire extinguisher training requirements also state that employees must be trained once a year. That goes for fire safety training in general, too. It’s not a onetime thing.


How to Pass an OSHA Inspection

After portable fire extinguishers have been placed in the right places around your business and employees have been trained how to use those fire extinguishers, there’s still more to do to meet OSHA fire safety requirements. You should have an evacuation plan that also includes a fire prevention plan. Then, you’ll need to have the fire alarm system, automatic sprinkler system and every fire extinguisher serviced regularly and schedule routine preventative maintenance.

What does service and maintenance include? Well, a lot. If OSHA fire safety requirements seem complicated, don’t worry! Hawkeye Fire & Safety offers fire extinguisher training, fire extinguisher maintenance and hydrostatic testing in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.