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Are You Serving Fizzy Soda With C02 Safely?

From movie theaters to convenience stores to fancy restaurants, beverage-grade carbon dioxide makes fizzy drinks possible. If you’ve ever accidentally received flat Coca-Cola, then you know just how important C02 is for pressurized beer and soda systems. You never want a customer to pay for a cool, refreshing beverage, only to receive undrinkable syrup.

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Everything You Need To Know About C02 Tanks For Homebrewing

If you’re going to keg your beer, then you’ll need a regulator, hoses and, of course, a C02 tank. The C02 will also carbonate your beer, so it’s definitely important. But most people haven’t dealt with a C02 tank before, let alone had to refill one, so you might have some questions.

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Avoid Another Space Heater Fire This Winter

Portable electric space heaters are affordable and convenient sources of heat, but they can also be big fire hazards. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that nearly 18,000 residential fires are related to portable space heaters every year.

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Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems Keep Your Kitchen Protected

Restaurant suppression systems extinguish fires efficiently at any hour, so your restaurant isn’t on the news for the wrong reason. Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or looking to upgrade an existing one, a fire suppression system will make sure you pass code and help prevent dangerous fires.

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Fully Stock Your Sports First Aid Kits for Athletic Teams

You don’t want to be caught off guard during an athletic event where the chances of an injury are high. Whether you are a coach, referee, owner of a sports complex, or even a parent, having a fully stocked first aid kit for athletic teams or players could save them from additional pain and injury.

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Have the Right Emergency Gear for Your Boat

You’re excited about your boating excursion. After all, having a boat is all about fun in the sun, making memories and taking advantage of the beautiful lakes or rivers in your area. But emergency situations can occur while boating due to accidents, weather or illness. Being prepared with the right first aid equipment and emergency gear for your boat each and every outing is important.

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